How American Fundamentalist Christianity Isn’t Christian

This site is about the Just World Fallacy, so for serious, thoughtful Christians, my writing about Christianity, a religion that sees the world as inherently unjust, must seem odd and incorrect. Please bear with me.

Why do so many American fundamentalist Christians oppose abortion while opposing social programs that help living human beings?1 Why do so many American fundamentalist Christians support political and social policies that neglect or even actively harm other human beings when the traditional image of a fundamentalist Christian is associated with turning the other cheek? Why is it so easy for American fundamentalist Christians to behave as if they were negligent assholes when it comes to government policies affecting strangers they will never meet? Aren’t the political behaviours and opinions of the Religious Right in the United States the furthest thing from true Christian behaviour?

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  1. To be clear, legal abortion is ethically superior to no abortions because it prevents actual suffering in the world and values existing life over potential life. The latest objection to legal abortions – about heartbeats – misunderstands the science and the nature of the heartbeat. It’s a sliding scale which pro lifers try to move every time they think they have medicine on their side. They don’t – the heartbeat at 6 weeks is not indicative of a human or a human consciousness.

Why Do People Believe in Conspiracy Theories?

It feels like we’ve reached peak conspiracy, at least online. It appears that people will believe anything. Birthers. Chemtrails. The Illuminati. The flat earth theory is somehow back in vogue for chrissake. Some of this is just the internet: it gives public voices to previously private beliefs and acts as an echo chamber of those beliefs. But it feels as though, in spite of most of us having more access to more information than at any other time in history, people are more credulous than ever. Everywhere there are people claiming they believe in something demonstrably false. And not just a few people. They believe with every ounce in their body. They believe so strongly they denigrate those who do not believe the same things. And they don’t just believe, they evangelize. What the hell?

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