This is the tentative Table of Contents for the book I hope this site will one day become:

Table of Contents of Unjust Justice

Why Do We Blame Victims?

This chapter summarizes the history of research into the just world fallacy.

What I struggle with for this first chapter is to what degree I just want to introduce the topic and to what extent I want to get into the literature. The longer I work on this the more I think I want this to be philosophy, not pop psychology (as I originally intended) because I am just not a pop psychology writer.

Do I need to explain that it is a work of philosophy?

Why We Know the World is Unfair

This brief chapter covers why we know the world is unfair. Because we do know that.

The Fallacy of a Just Birth

My intention here is to go over in detail how all our assumptions of the justness of our lives are false.

  1. You Did Not Deserve to Be Born
  2. Gender
    1. Rape
  3. Genes
  4. Family
  5. Country/Nationality
    1. The Just World Fallacy and Donald Trump
  6. Immigration
  7. Gun Control
  8. Ethnicity
    1. Black Americans Shot by Police
  9. Culture

So I want to cover everything we inherit, whether through nature or nurture.

The Just World Fallacy and Socialization

The idea here is to focus on how we are broadly socialized to believe in certain ideas about justice, which do not actually exist. There are just some examples and I imagine the chapter being significantly longer:

  1. Common Sense
  2. The Just World Fallacy and Taxpayer Rights
  3. Ideology
  4. Protests
  5. The Past

The Just World Fallacy and Education

This chapter gets into specifics about where are ideas of justice are further introduced (or persist or are further strengthened) through how we think about the world.

  1. Why we ignore facts and evidence
  2. Conspiracy Theories
  3. Alternate Facts
  4. Intelligence

Some of these might be better off in other sections.

The Just World Fallacy at Work

Here I was thinking of both how salaries are not in anyway justice (and I haven’t written that part yet) but also in how we see attempts at enforcing justice in the workplace (or other adult social environments).

  1. Respect
  2. Swearing
  3. Employment

Everyone Else Might Believe the World is Fair, But I Don’t!

Catchier title on the way.

I want to include a test. I am thinking that I will link from the ebook to an actual online Google form or something which I can then use to calculate individual scores.

Don’t cheat!

What Do We Do About It?

So this is where I want to emphasize how we can “be the change we want to see in the world” by trying to act in ways in which we do not behave like assholes.